At Amocare, our aim is to cultivate more smiles by empowering you on your intimate wellness journey

Our lab experts know what and how much of it is best for you. Our products and their compositions are a result of years of study, research and experiments. They actually work!

Our values

Intimacy is at the core of everything we do.
Intimacy between you & your partner. Intimacy between love & nature. Intimacy between our
science & your wellness. Intimacy between you as a consumer & us as a brand. It's what drives us. 

An intimate connection, we believe, can only be established if we stick to our core values:


Holistic Health

We prioritize overall well-being by offering supplements that cater to all aspects - physical, mental, and emotional, fostering a balanced lifestyle for you.



We uphold honesty and openness in ingredient sourcing, product formulation and communication to win your trust.


Quality Assurance

Above all things, we are committed to the highest standards of quality at each stage:

  • Every ingredients are rigorously tested to ensure they are free from harmful additive and have highest potency
  • Our formulations are tested in the best labs and validated by doctors, and
  • Our products are crafted in the best of manufacturing facilities.

Our principles